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Robotic System-Actemium-002.SF

Brand : Actemium

Model : A robotic vial tray transfer system

YOM : 2016

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Robotic System-Actemium-002.SF

SKU : 002.SF
  • •  The tray transfer system allows the trays to be

    transported from the outlet of the filler to a lyophilizer

    in a CLASS A vertical laminar flow atmosphere.

    •  A production includes the transfer of 180 trays in

    a freeze-dryer, this one is composed of 15 shelves that can    each contain 3 rows of 4 trays.

    •  The number of bottles per tray is variable depending

    on the size of the tray, several vial formats exist: 3mL, 4mL and 7mL.

    •  The tray format is as follows:
    Length                  490mm
    Width 309mm
    Height 40mm
    Aluminum thickness



    •  Weight from tray including door and 
        7mL vials is approximately 7kg

    •  The transfer has the following functions:
        - Via a robot:
           o Taking a tray from the empty tray storage cabinet
           o Removal of 2 trays at the outlet of the filler
           o Taking a full tray
           o Movement to the door installation station
           o Installation of the door
           o Platform removal with door on overhead conveyor
        - Aerial conveying of the platform to the descender
        - Descent of the tray at the level of the conveyor to the

        - Advance of the plate towards the orientation table
        - Tray orientation
        - Transfer from the tray to the freeze-dryer loader

    •  The transfer rate is conditioned by the time it takes to fill a tray by the filler,  it is approximately 1 minute 45 seconds (minimum time for the 7mL format).

**Technical specifications are given to the best of our knowledge. However, we do exclude any liability on specifications and condition. Prospective buyers are invited to check all vital details upon an inspection.