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Egg Inoculator - Rame-Hart - 501-092 -EI0003

Brand : Rame-Hart

Model : 501-092

YOM : 2016

S/N : 501-092-7294

Lot Number : EI0003

Egg Inoculator - Rame-Hart - 501-092 -EI0003

SKU : EI0003
  • The machine is equipped with an inoculating head and a cleaning


    It is designed to inoculate 36 or 42 eggs at a time from a flat of 36 or 42 eggs

    Program 1 just inoculates the eggs without withdrawal of cleaning

    solution or drying the needles

    Program 2 dries the needles before inoculation after the needles

    have risen up out of the solution

    Program 3 withdraws a small amount of cleaning solution up

    through each punch and around each needle

    One of the three programs must have been selected before

    beginning to inoculate the eggs

    The program is selected by the supervisor

    The mechanical up and down motions of the punches and needles

    are derived from electrically controlled air cylinders


**Technical specifications are given to the best of our knowledge. However, we do exclude any liability on specifications and condition. Prospective buyers are invited to check all vital details upon an inspection.

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