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Lyophilizer-Usifroid-SMH 17500 No3-3US

Brand : Usifroid

Model : SMH 1750 No3

YOM : 1998

S/N : 17036

Lot Number : 3US

Automatic Stoppering System With Endless Screw System
Lifting System With Endless Screw, Electrical Motor 7.6A
15 Shelves
83m Spaces Between Each Of Shelves


Lyophilizer-Usifroid-SMH 17500 No3-3US

  • Material Stainless Steel
    Leak Rate Test 5 x 10(-2)mbar *I/S
    Vacuum Pumps Alcatel 2100
    Vacuum Pumps Capacity 123m3/h
    Sterilization Work Endless Screw System
    Door One
    Shelf Lifting System Endless Screw, Electrical Motors 7,6A
    Auto Stoppering System Endless Screw System
    Design Pressure 1,6bar
    Temperature 123deg C
    Working Pressure 1,3bar
    Refrigerant R404A/LN2
    Icing Process Steam
    Nominal Ice Capacity 200kg
    Shelf Quantity 15
    Shelf Dimension  1325mm x 1450mm x 26mm
    Diemnsion 28,8m2 total devised by 15 = 1,92m

**Technical specifications are given to the best of our knowledge. However, we do exclude any liability on specifications and condition. Prospective buyers are invited to check all vital details upon an inspection.

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