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*SOLD* Autoclave-Fedegari 128 TL-XFOF5/Q0A0-098

Brand : Fedegari

Model : XFOF5/Q0A0

YOM : 2004

S/N: NA1032AL-RX128

Lot Number : 098

*SOLD* Autoclave-Fedegari 128 TL-XFOF5/Q0A0-098

SKU: 098
  • Type Autoclave for sterilization
    Model XFOF5/Q0A0
    Brand Fedegari autoclave S.p.A
    Proface Control
    Nominal dimension of the neck (LxH) 900 x 1900 mm
    Depth of the room 2000 mm
    Type of door Closing / opening in the horizontal direction
    Max. room service pressure 2.5 rail bar
    Max. gap working pressure 2.5 rail bar
    Tension 400 V triphase
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Degree of protection electrical equipment IP54
    Conformity of pressure vessels and safety device PED-Directive 97/23/CE
    Temperature range 40 - 159 degree celcius
    Construction materials :  
    Bedroom AISI 316Ti
    Double envelope AISI 304
    Doors AISI 316Ti
    Door trim Silicone
    Pipes AISI 316L
    Pipe fittings EPDM, PEEK
    Line filters AISI 316L
    Valves AISI 316L
    Brides AISI 304
    Thermal probe AISI 316, Silicone cable
    Chassis AISI 304
    Panels AISI 304
    Compressed air hoses Rilsan

**Technical specifications are given to the best of our knowledge. However, we do exclude any liability on specifications and condition. Prospective buyers are invited to check all vital details upon an inspection.

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